THROWBACK FRIDAY: Capoeira Show in Salvador do Bahia, Brazil

A couple of years ago I went to Salvador da Bahia in Brazil to visit some of my Brazilian girlfriends (it's very helpful to have local friends in there because it might get pretty dangerous at times. Me and my Polish friend had a really bad incident on one of the beaches in Salvador the first time we went there; we were robbed by a guy with a huge knife just in the cold light of day. Fortunately we only had a cell phone with us and no money or documents). Ok, but enough of bad news :) My friends took me for a walk down the coast and while we were strolling along we saw a couple of guys wearing only white pants. We supposed that they had just finished practising capoeira (since it's a traditional Brazilian martial art, and it's very popular in Salvador da Bahia) and my friends asked them whether it was possible to do a short capoeira show for their Polish friend (me). Of course they were very kind and agreed to show me some capoeira moves. It was very cool, especially considering the fact that it was a capoeira show done by the locals.

Capoeira is a martial art deriving from ritual dances of African tribes; it combines elements of dance and acrobatics, rhythms, positions as well as many cultural characteristics of South American Indians. It's essence are quick, complex and unpredictable moves with a wide variety of fluid kicks and spins. Enemy's blows are blocked very rarely, it's more about dodging.
Capoeira was created by African slaves in Brazil as a way of manifesting cultural identity, a way of entertainment and fun which made them forget about their misery.